Speech/ Language/ Literacy

Florence Hardjono, Ph.d, CCC-SLP is  a licensed  speech-language pathologist specializing in early intervention,  pediatric speech/ language/literacy evaluations, adult neurocognitive evaluation and intervention. She is very passionate about working with bilinguals families. 

Her motto is “SEE THE DONUT, not the hole!” She believes in fostering what her clients can do and use it as a tool to help improve the desired outcomes.

Dr. Florence graduated with her MA and Ph.D from the Ohio State University specializing in language acquisition. She holds a Certificate of Clinical Competenc from the American Speech and Hearing Association and is licensed to practice in the state of Ohio.

Dr. Florence has over 30 years of experience working with children and families.  She has worked in hospital and school settings with people of all ages and has taught at the university level. She believes in mentoring and teaching caregivers strategies to extend therapy sessions to home programming so that therapy is as effective as possible. 

We provide speech and language evaluation and intervention services to address:

We currently don’t accept insurance. However, we have reasonable/affordable rates for evaluations and interventions. 

Please email info@BrighterDaysCenter.com for more information. We will contact you to schedule a complementary thirty minutes intake consultation.

Infants and Toddlers

We offer speech and language evaluation and intervention for infants and toddlers with a variety of diagnoses.

Many conditions, including but not limited to prematurity, congenital abnormalities, Down syndrome,  cerebral palsy, autism, hearing loss and developmental delays, can impact speech and language development. 

Our primary goal when treating infants, toddlers and children at Brighter Days Center is to educate, train and empower the families of our patients to maximize growth and development in feeding, language and speech. We recognize that success relies on family and patient participation.  

Our sessions always incorporate games, music, rhythms, developmental toys, and other age-appropriate tools to help us achieve results and keep youngsters looking forward to sessions.

Children and Teens

We offer evaluation and intervention for children and teenagers to alleviate communication challenges caused by stuttering, articulation/phonological disorders, language disorders, and reading struggles.


We offer evaluation and interventions for adults suffering from strokes, dementia, head injuries and diseases that impact cognition, behavior, and problem solving. 

Therapy focuses on effective communication skills in the context of an actual environment.  Therapy is always tailored to the patient’s needs and utilizes functional materials that generate optimal recovery.

Parent Coaching

I love teaching parents how everyday activities can easily be turned into opportunities for communication growth. I offer a 5-week course where I teach caregivers to use speech therapy techniques such as self-talk, parallel-talk, modeling, imitation, and asking open-ended questions. 

Weekly therapy sessions are a start but imagine how much a child can learn when their parent is working on their goals during daily family activities! My goal is not to add time-consuming activities to your life but to help you make the activities you complete every day as language-enriching as possible.  

My real client here is the parent. The parents I have worked with have learned to use their child’s favorite toys to increase vocabulary and sentence length. They have learned to follow their child’s lead and imitate their skills to increase their child’s imitation and play skills.

They have learned to gently encourage their child to advocate for themself and communicate effectively with others. These skills can be incorporated into the activities you already do every day. I would be honored to work with you and your family!

Every week you will learn a new skill and put it into practice with your child. 

Concerned or Have Questions about Typical Speech Development?

Schedule an initial 30-minute complimentary consultation. We will determine your child’s developmental background, interests, individual needs, and target areas of concern. During this initial consultation, we will also discuss assessment and therapy options.