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Brighter Days Center is located in Powell Ohio, one of Columbus, OH Northwest suburbs. Brighter Days Center offers speech therapy, Kindermusik music and movement classes, and Cereset technology.  

Brighter Days Center provides screenings and comprehensive evaluations for speech, language and literacy interventions.

A Cereset Research clinical trial proves that its novel approach helps provide fully natural and restful sleep Cereset is available to help your brain help you.


Arts = neuroplasticity = achievement. 🧠

Students with access to art education are five times less likely to drop out of school and four times more likely to be recognized with high achievement.


Research indicates that better management of negative emotions may support better cognitive function. Cereset is available to help your brain help you.


Did you know that musical play can actually help boost your baby's active listening skills? One of the many developmental benefits to joining a Kindermusik class with your little one!


Language and Communication skills are critical to a child’s language development.


Early group musical play leans into teamwork. It's an ideal precursor to sports teams, band or chorus, or any group activity where listening and working together = success.


Good communication skill is the best tool to prevent behavior problems.


Cereset was 92% effective in balancing those brain imbalances which cause depression in a study of 175 clinically depressed individuals. Cereset technology relaxes and assists you to reset your brain!


"Music is the only thing we can engage with that activates every part of the brain" Dr. Annie Heiderscheit


The vocabulary knowledge of the meaning and pronunciation of words children developed in early childhood are crucial in their later language and reading development.


When it's a Kindermusik day, there will be bonding, learning, and play!


Meet Our Founder

Dr. Florence, founder of Brighter Days Center for Language, Mind, and Music, is an ASHA-Certified Speech Language Pathologist with over 30 years of teaching experience. Her innovative use of music in speech therapy has transformed the lives of many individuals struggling with communication challenges. Her dedication to providing engaging, effective, and enjoyable therapy sessions sets her apart as a leader in the field.

In 2004, she founded Joyful Noise Studio, a thriving Kindermusik and piano studio in Powell, later reopening it as “Brighter Days Center.” As a Kindermusik educator, she uses music and movement to promote language and social development in young children.

From 2003 to 2014, Dr. Florence Hardjono served as a community provider for Delaware County of Disability, where she provided Kindermusik classes tailored to children with speech and language delays. During this period, she witnessed firsthand the profound impact of music on children’s communication development. Kindermusik, a renowned early childhood music and movement program, served as a foundation for her innovative approach.

In addition, Dr. Florence is the first in Ohio to offer Cereset™ a non-invasive, highly effective brain echo technology. Cereset helps clients achieve calm and balance by allowing them to listen to their own “brain music.” The technology is based on the concept of neuroplasticity-that the brain is capable of healing itself from within.  

Residing in Powell with her family, Dr. Florence enjoys music, reading, volunteering, and supporting her children and students in their performing arts endeavors in her spare time.

If you or a loved one is seeking speech therapy services that embrace the harmonious combination of music and communication improvement, contact Dr. Florence Hardjono today.

Services that we offer

Discover the transformative power of Cereset technology, where a balanced brain fosters breakthroughs and emotional well-being."

Cereset is a non-invasive and highly effective brain-echo technology that allows the brain to relax in order to rebalance and reset itself for optimal regulation. 

 This balanced brain state can greatly benefit therapy sessions by enhancing engagement, improving the quality of sleep, reducing anxiety and stress, improving learning and memory, facilitating emotional regulation, and potentially accelerating progress toward therapeutic goals.

Conveniently located inside Brighter Days Center in Powell, Ohio, Cereset™ Northwest Columbus is ready to help you!

Speech/ Language/ Literacy Evaluation and Therapy

Brighter Days Center provides private speech/language/literacy evaluation and therapy for infants, toddlers, children, and adults.

At Brighter Days Center (BDC), we uniquely incorporate music into our speech, language, and literacy therapy program. Through the power of rhythm and melody, we create an engaging environment that enhances traditional therapy methods.

Music serves as a bridge to overcome communication challenges, fostering confidence in expression and aiding literacy development. 

Unlock the potential of your child's speech and language development with Kindermusik.

Kindermusik, our music and movement classes at Brighter Days Center, offer invaluable benefits for speech and language development. Through engaging activities and interactive music experiences, children not only find joy and self-expression but also foster crucial speech and language development skills. 

Our carefully crafted curriculum enhances auditory discrimination, vocabulary acquisition, and phonological awareness. Moreover, the social interactions and expressive language opportunities provided in Kindermusik classes can significantly foster communication growth.

 At Brighter Days Center, we understand that every child’s journey is unique, and our Kindermusik program is designed to provide a nurturing and enriching environment that supports speech and language development while celebrating the joy of music and movement.

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