Kindermusik Level 2

Let your child's imagination soar to new heights through the magic of music and creativity!
(2-3 Years)

Step into a world of wonder where music and imagination collide in Kindermusik Level 2, designed for older toddlers aged 18 months to 3 years. This isn’t just a music class – it’s an enchanting adventure that nurtures your child’s creativity, cognitive development, and social skills.

What's included in this Program:

Unleash Creativity: Beyond singing and dancing, our Level 2 classes empower older toddlers to express their unique ideas and creativity. Through captivating activities, your child becomes the star of their own musical journey, fostering confidence and self-expression.

Auditory Exploration: From cheerful animal sounds to associating pictures with sounds, your child’s world expands through vocal imitations. This interactive learning journey enriches language skills and deepens their understanding of the connection between sound and meaning.

Discover Musical Concepts: Together with your little one, embark on a discovery of instruments like rhythm sticks and sandblocks. Unveil the magic of sound creation, laying the foundation for musical comprehension and appreciation.

Language Flourish: Delve into songs with recognizable language patterns that unlock the magic of rhythm, speech sounds, syntax, and rhyme. Each musical note becomes a stepping stone toward language mastery, enhancing communication skills while having fun.

Movement and Social Skills: Jump, spin, tiptoe – Level 2 children explore movement concepts that enhance motor skills and encourage interaction with peers. Through dance and play, they not only refine their physical abilities but also develop essential socialization skills.

Holistic Growth: From posture-enhancing muscles to fine motor skills essential for writing, your child’s physical development is nurtured through playful activities, ensuring a strong foundation for future learning.

Cognitive Marvels: The magic of repetition in songs and rhymes shapes cognitive growth. As your child memorizes, sequences, and predicts patterns, they’re laying the groundwork for enhanced memory and problem-solving abilities.

Enroll your child in Kindermusik Level 2 and set them on a path of discovery, imagination, and growth. Our passionate educators are dedicated to guiding each child through this musical odyssey, where every note, movement, and smile is a testament to their remarkable journey.

Secure your child's spot in Kindermusik Level 2 today and witness the transformative power of music unfold!