Meet Our Team

Brighter Days Center is owned by the Hardjono Family. Luki and Florence met while attending the Ohio State University through music! Music is their passions and they love advocating and instilling the joy of music to everyone around them! 

In addition, to Brighter Days Center, Dr. Florence and her husband Luki are co-owners of Cereset™ Northwest Columbus. Cereset™ is a cutting-edge technology that helps the brain reset and rebalance itself by listening to its own “music”. As a certified Cereset™ coach, they work with clients to help them achieve a state of calm and balance, promoting overall wellness and mental health.

Dr. Florence Hardjono


Dr. Florence is the founder of Brighter Days Center for Language, Mind, and Music. Her faith in God, passion for helping individuals of all ages achieve their optimal potential, and strong passion for music has fueled her entire career.

HI! My name is Florence Hardjono! I am the founder of Brighter Days Center for Language, Mind and Music!  I used to be known as  “Ms. Florence” by hundreds of my young students! I became “Dr. Florence” after I graduated with my Ph.D in  Speech and Hearing Science specializing in Language Acquisition and had a thriving career teaching college students in the field of Communication Sciences and Disorders.

Through my work as an ASHA-Certified Speech Language Pathologist and an educator with over 30 years of teaching experience, I have developed a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities associated with learning and growth. 

I am committed to providing effective evidence-based programs and services that foster holistic and healthy development in children, strengthen family relationships, and make a difference in the community. Most of all, I strongly believe that music has a unique power over our soul, mind, and body. 

In my spare time, I enjoy reading, listening to music, chatting over coffee or meals with her friends, volunteering at her church, watching movies, spending time with my family, and supporting my children and students in their various performing arts endeavors.

Luki Hardjono

Hello, I am Luki, the co-founder of Brighter Days Center. Music has been an integral part of my life since middle school when I had my first classical piano lesson. During my college years, I had the privilege to nurture my passion for music as a piano/keyboard player within the worship team of a Christian ministry. In 1996, I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer and Information Science and have been working in the Information Technology field ever since.

I firmly believe that music has had a profoundly positive impact on every aspect of my life. It is my heartfelt desire to share the joy and power of music with all of you through our center.

In my leisure time, I love spending quality moments with my family, indulging in movie nights, walking my dog, biking, trying out new food, and simply basking in nature’s embrace, even when mowing the lawn.

Jeremy, Sam and Grace

You often see Jeremy helping out with editing and social media. Sam is the photographer and videographer that helps us edit and produce videos. Grace helps with the daily operation of the center. 

Hi! My name is Jeremy and I am currently a student at Miami University. My fields of study are Music and Kinesiology and I hope to attend medical school after I graduate. I grew up in my mom’s Kindermusik class and I believe it sparked my passion for music and also established relationships with friends that I still have today. A big part of my life since then has always been performing arts. I’ve had the wonderful privilege of traveling all over the country and the world with several choirs and I’ve also taken part in some wonderful musical theater productions with many different organizations. 

After learning about Cereset™ and trying it for myself I learned that music not only has the power to bring people together and provide opportunities, but also to promote better health and wellbeing. As part of the Brighter Days team I am committed to sharing the benefits and joy music can bring to the community!

I’m Sam Hardjono! I have a passion for the performing arts and music production. I am the videographer and editor for the center.

Hello, I’m Grace! From a young age, I’ve had the privilege of being exposed to various performing art forms. Since elementary school, I’ve been actively engaged in both theater and choir. You can see me helping out with the administrative and daily studio maintenance tasks such as cleaning the instruments.